JoKas Repo

This is my personal archive of EL6 and EL7 compatible packages (RHEL, Scientific
Linux and Centos 6 or 7), that I build for my own personal use.

Browse available packages

The JoKa repositories can be browsed directly to see what's in them. 
Indexes of each repository are made using RepoView. 
EL6 archive source
Not maintained, just for history
release source
testing source
Base+EPEL: may replace EPEL and base libraries
i386 x86_64 Only Base
EL7 archive source - x86_64 Not maintained, just for history
release source
- x86_64
testing source - x86_64 Base+EPEL+Nux-Desktop
source -
x86_64 Only Base


Graphical Setup via Firefox web browser

For desktop users in EL6 or EL7 that is 
easy and basically only one step: just click on one of the following 
files and then follow the default options that Firefox and Package Kit 
offer by clicking Enter a few times:

- JoKas Repo for: EL6, EL7
- JoKas Chess Repo for EL6, EL7

This will enable also automatic updates of the repo configuration in the future.

Manual Setup

Download the yum configuration file joka.repo or joka-chess.repo to directory /etc/yum.repos.d,
Download the GPG public signing key RPM-GPG-KEY-joka to directory /etc/pki/rpm-gpg


The main focus of this repository is free open source software to complement 
the base and EPEL repositories with an emphasis on GNOME2 or MATE desktop, chess,
and some less known development tools.

The "release" repository contains what I personally consider production quality packages, while the "testing" repository contains packages that haven't been tested enough yet or that still contain known unresolved issues.

The "archive" repos contain no longer maintained packages. This could
be former experimental packages from the testing repository, or packages
provided now by EPEL.
These repositories are 'rolling', i.e. whenever a new version of a software is released I will normally build an updated package with the new version (and rebuild any dependencies as necessary). Packages in the "testing" repo can get replaced, deleted or moved to the "release" or the "archive" repo at any time.

The "chess" repository is a subset of "release", containing only chess software
without dependencies to EPEL or other 3rd party repositories.

Compatibility with other repositories

In general, available RPMs use dependencies from the base repositories and from EPEL.
Therefore, repositories known to be incompatible with EPEL, notably RepoForge,
are also incompatible with joka - with one exception:
The RPMs in the chess repository have no dependencies to EPEL
and should be usable in combination with any other 3rd party repo (as of this writing).

jokasrepo for EL7 is compatible with epel, elrepo and nux-desktop.

jokasrepo for EL6 aims to be compatible with linuxtech, rpmfusion and remi.
It may have conflicts with nux-desktop.

Signing Key

This is the fingerprint of the GPG key RPM-GPG-KEY-joka, used to sign my packages:
pub   768D/A732F41F 2012-08-28 Jokas Repo (RPM Signing Key of jokas package repository for Enterprise Linux) <>
     Key fingerprint = BAB5 4454 6610 7445 9CB4  20C4 1C1D 6F60 A732 F41F
sub   768g/FDB15096 2012-08-28 [expires: 2020-12-01]
For more information about signing and verifying packages, refer to:

Legal Disclaimer

This is a personal archive. While it is accessible
publicly, access is provided exclusively on an "AS IS" basis, with
absolutely no warranty of any kind. I assume no responsibility for any
use anyone makes of any content of this archive.

By downloading and/or using any files from this archive, you agree that you
do so exclusively at your own risk and that you are exclusively responsible
for any legal implications of the download and/or use of these files.

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product names, logos are the sole property of their respective owners.